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As financial service managers, we look after 3 important tasks:

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For your convenience all of the necessary leasing/financing paperwork is completed right here at the dealership.

2. Inform

We’re authorized representatives for more than five charted banks and ten financial institutions, all competing for your business. Therefore, it is our obligation to ensure the financial arrangements have been thoroughly discussed with you so that you will be able to make an informed decision concerning your new investment.

3. Wrap up

We will make sure all of the legal documentation is completed properly and in a timely manner, so as not to inconvenience you and allow you the opportunity to start enjoying your new vehicle as soon as possible.

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After 29 hits to credit, I was still looking and still trying to get approved. Restart Auto Credit explained to me the damage I was doing, and helped me understand that shopping around was hurting my chances. She got me approved and now I have a new car. Thank you, you taught me a lot. - Ann K.

I have two repos in my history and was pretty worried about whether I could get a car or an old beater. But I went to Restart Auto Credit and got approved for leather and sunroof! Life's looking better. Happy Birthday to me! - Behrad D.

If you have been challenged with your credit in the past, give us a call and our experienced financial managers may surprise you. With 40+ years of experience in the automotive industry, our finance managers are very confident in answering your financial questions.

You can take steps right now to start rebuilding your credit. Our program pre-approves you for an auto loan from your home or office, taking the stress out of your decision! Driving is a necessity, don’t let bad credit stop you.

Financial Institutions We Work With

Credit Union Central of Canada
TD Canada Trust
RBC Royal Bank
ATB Financial
General Bank of Canada

Did you know?

We can tailor a vehicle’s service plan to meet your driving needs, thus protecting you from unexpected repair bills for worry free driving.

Exterior and interior protection packages can save you money on unwanted excess wear and tear.

Industry experts agree, an unprotected financed/leased vehicle is a poor economic decision.